who's son?

I don't have photo of my dad available to upload since I'm doing this at work. This will have to do for now. It was the first one in mrs. a-go-go flickr page that jumped out at me. Dad is gone so I suppose this is appropriate, "walk into the light," and all. I just needed to have a post up here so I could iron out how the page should look, but it got me started thinking. Dad's been gone now for close to four years. It was complications from ALS, what used to be called Lou Gehrig's Disease, that took him. He was only 72. Kinda stymied as to what else to say for an opener. I started putting this blog together to get me to write about my dad's nutty engineer life. I saved a big file box of stuff from all the many file boxes full of things that he had collected. Going through all of it I picked out the things that reminded me of something important about him. I miss him, and I can't think how else to work through it but to just write and muddle. I'm old enough now that I've lost a few close people due to age or disease, and too many other close people seem imminently threatened with health problems. Can you say mid life crisis? Am I old enough for that?