creativity and paper snow balls

Yes, yes, it's been a while since I posted that first little bit and I swear I plan to pick this up and start writing bits about my pop and all the odd things that came along for the ride but first a tidbit about creativity.

The clan had a family dinner last night and my eight year old nephew was in attendance. He had brought with him a small clone trooper action figure to keep himself entertained while the adults gabbed. He got a hold of some white tissue paper from a gift bag and put it to quick use in what has to be the most surprisingly creative thing I have seen in a while. He balled up two small bits of the paper so that they would just fit into the permanently curled mitts of the clone trooper where ostensibly it was intended to hold a plasma rifle or destructo bomb or the like. Then he mashed up the rest of the paper to make a snow field, put the trooper in the middle, and hollered, "Snow ball fight!"


I know this will sound like a dumb little thing to most folks (not that anyone is reading yet anyhow) but I was slack jawed. I'm getting old and it feels like creativity is harder to come by these days, so this little display tickled my make-something-out-of-nothing bone.

I need to spend more time drawing cartoons and gluing lint to toothpicks.

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