having a job is killing my writing

Goodness I have been short on posting for a long while. It's official, mr. a-go-go has a job. I have had it for about a month now and I hope that will explain my delinquency in posting. The only adventure I have to report is my purchase of a little telescope (that's the nephew a-go-go looking for "caves" on Bishop's Peak) as a I-have-a-job-at-last! gift. Getting in some amateur astronomy has been on my do-it-before-I-die list for a while. I have not had the chance to take the thing out to a really dark place yet but we have had fun looking at the crescent moon, a wobbly glimpse of Saturn, and some foggy peeps at the Orion Nebula. The sky here is a whole lot better than LA for looking at the night sky but there are still plenty of sodium vapor street lights spoiling things.

My dad was never into astronomy enough for us to have a telescope but we had some engineer nuts that filled in the gap here and there. I remember going out to the Mojave Desert to view Halley's Comet through a big clunky dobsonian telescope that one of dad's friends had built. What a let down that was. It still looked like a little white blur even with all that light gathering aperture. Still can't fathom why the guy with the scope didn't think to go looking for some nebulae or Jupiter or something. Some people just don't know how to wow the younguns.

Maybe when I get settled into this new job I'll be able to settle my mind and scribble out some new posts. Until then... anyone who is still paying attention here.... well, I thank you for your patience.

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